Rose Rings

A sudden craze over the flower cabochons and I personally adore them too :D
All materials are imported....

Front view of the Peach Colour Rose (measures 23mm across)

Side & rear view.........comes with an adjustable brass filigree ring
R2 peach - MYR 25

R2 white - MYR 25

R2 aquamarine - MYR 25

......This has a white heart pattern filigree ring base

R3 spring green - MYR 25 SOLD OUT

...and if you like a more simple ring base, get this silver plated

R4 white - MYR 23 sold out (*we have orange-sold & aquamarine sakura with this ring base)

**R2-brass filigree / R3-white heart filigree / R4-silver plated
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