Caring for Silver

Silver is a beautiful metal that out shines most jewelry any day. But sadly it easily develops a black tarnish. When silver is exposed to the outside, a chemical reaction occurs causing the unsightly tarnish. The more moist the climate, the faster it tarnishes.
But with regular proper care, your silver items can have a longer shine which might just last you a life time !

We do get questions on how to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing. Hopefully, some of the tips below will be helpful to you :

1. Always put on your silver jewelry last. Direct spraying of hair styling products or perfume can easily tarnish not only the silver but the gemstones as well.

2. Silver oxidizes on contact with water, air and other chemicals like sea water, bleach and chlorine. Therefore, we advised that if you are wearing our silver plated items, minimise contact with water and chemicals.

3. After using, wipe away any excess makeup residues, oil, sweat or other elements with a polishing cloth or only 100% cotton cloth (to avoid scratches). You can also use mild soap and 1/2 cup warm water and rinse with clean water. Always ensure it's complety dry before storing it away.

4. Then, store them individually in a zip-lock or air-tight bag. This is because silver that are not used for a long time will tarnish when exposed to air and to avoid scratching with other jewelry. If possible, wrap them in sulfur free archive tissues or anti tarnish tissues.

5. To bring back the shine, clean it with a non abrasive silver cleaner / cream with a polishing cloth. Do follow the instuctions on the labels.